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Engagement in the political process is an important step in protecting our business. We can and should be a leader in advocating our point of view in the political arena to help create policy solutions. Our government affairs team identifies issues of importance to our company and then communicates our point of view to members of congress.


The purpose of the SC Blues FedPAC is to promote good citizenship and educate the stakeholders and employees of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and its affiliates through participation in the elective process at the federal, state and local levels of government and to accept voluntary contributions and make contributions and expenditures in order to encourage the election of qualified, informed and constructive candidates for office or to support or oppose any political party committee, political committee or any resolution or ballet issue.

Board of Directors

Mike Mizeur
President and CEO 
BlueCross BlueShield of  South Carolina

James D'Alessio
Vice President, 
Government Affairs
BlueCross BlueShield of  South Carolina
John Bloom
Assistant Vice President, 
Public Policy 
and Political Affairs
BlueCross BlueShield of
South Carolina

David Mason
Senior Vice President, Compliance

Government Affairs Team

James D'Alessio
Vice President,
Government Affairs
John Bloom
Assistant Vice President,
Public Policy and Political Affairs
Greg Truesdale
Government Affairs Representative
Mary Elizabeth Mullikin
Government Affairs Representative
Tiffany Freeman
Senior Public Policy Counsel
Marshall Thomas
Public Policy Counsel

Dana Bolin
Government Affairs Coordinator

Victoria Halydier
SC Blues FedPAC Manager

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