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What is SC Blues FedPAC?

SC Blues FedPAC is a group of employees and stakeholders of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and its affiliates who work together to raise money and make contributions to political campaigns. We are bi-partisan and support politicians who support our position on topics such as health information technology, insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. The PAC also serves as a medium for educating employees on the political climate that will ultimately affect their jobs and everyday life.

Why is SC Blues FedPAC important to me?

Our company is in a highly regulated industry. It’s important that we build relationships with candidates who understand our issues. A strong PAC gives us a chance to tell our story and to educate candidates on how issues affect our successes. A strong PAC gives us a louder voice to ensure that we are heard and understood on Capitol Hill.

Why do we need a PAC? Why doesn’t BCBS SC just make political contributions?

Federal law prohibits organizations like BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina from contributing to federal political campaigns. Collective action by our employees through our political action committee is the only way to support federal candidates. 

Where does my SC Blues FedPAC contribution go?

100 percent of your contribution directly supports candidates who understand the issues affecting our company. Every dollar raised is seen by members of Congress as further evidence that BCBS SC has the support of a strong network of like-minded individuals. Every dollar raised betters our position on advocacy for issues that will ultimately affect our jobs and livelihoods.

Is there a contribution maximum?

Contributions to the SC Blues FedPAC are completely voluntary.  Recommended contribution guidelines are only suggestions and employees are free to give more or less. The amount given by the contributor, or the refusal to give, will not benefit or disadvantage the person being solicited. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) allows individuals to give up to $5,000 per calendar year to SC Blues FedPAC.

Who is eligible to contribute to the SC Blues FedPAC?

According to federal regulations, SC Blues FedPAC contributions are limited to exempt employees of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and its affiliates.  Participation in the SC Blues FedPAC is completely voluntary.  Any effort to coerce an individual to participate in the political action committee is a violation of federal law.  No one is disadvantaged or favored based on their participation in the PAC.  Individuals who choose to become involved believe in the importance of the strength of our collective voice with Congress.  

Is a contribution to the SC Blues FedPAC more effective than giving separately to a candidate or political party?

Yes.  Your contribution, added to those of many other employees of our system, becomes a more significant and influential form of participation in the federal election process.  Our collective strength is far greater than the isolated, separate contribution.

Are there other similar PACs in operation in Washington, D.C.?

Yes.  There are over 4,000 political action committees in operation representing every industry, trade association and cause.  

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