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Welcome to your new SC Blues FedPAC Website!

I realize most of you have not heard from our political action committee (PAC) in a while, but I can assure you that we have been busy behind the scenes taking steps to make the PAC more engaging, relevant, informative, and user-friendly!

I am excited to announce that for the first time we have hired a dedicated PAC Manager, and I am even more excited to introduce you to Victoria Halydier. Before taking on leadership of SC Blues FedPAC, Victoria served as the Executive Director of the Original Six Foundation, a foundation started by Governor, now Ambassador, Nikki Haley, to serve as a catalyst for change by uniting public, private and civic leaders and resources to identify and address the challenging issues facing South Carolina's communities.


Since joining us, Victoria has been hard at work rebranding our PAC and redesigning this website. I hope you like what she has created as much as I do. If you haven't heard from her, I can assure you that you will soon! In addition to this new website, she has been planning events and other activities to add value to your investment in our PAC.  


I am often asked why we have a political action committee (PAC).  Members of Congress are continually making decisions that directly impact our business, industry, community and customers. Therefore, it is critical that we bring our expertise and perspective to that process. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina serves as a model corporate citizen and thought leader in so many ways. It is our responsibility to do so when it comes to public policy as well. Your investment in our PAC helps position our team to do just that.


If you are already a PAC member, I thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy the coming improvements. If you have not yet joined, I hope you will attend one of the fun and informational events that Victoria is planning. Only exempt employees from BlueCross businesses and subsidiaries may contribute to the PAC. Joining is purely voluntary. However, I hope over the coming weeks and months you will see the value of participating and strongly consider joining us. If everyone participated, the impact would be tremendous. The stronger our PAC, the more we can achieve in helping improve the lives and health of our fellow citizens. 


James D'Alessio
Vice President
Government Affairs

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